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Board Members

Ms. Diania Pimenta, President

Dr.  Frederick Pirone, Vice-President

Ms. Cathy Geary, Treasurer 

Ms. Ximena Leonardi, Secretary 

Ms. Tuky Vargas, Director

Inti-Nest was founded on April 25, 2018 and became a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization on May 05, 2020.

While working with the Center for Comprehensive Community Prison Care (CAICC) in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Diania Pimenta saw a need for global action to support and promote human rights for children and young adults, especially those children living in socio-economic depressed and challenging conditions. In order to address this need, Diania Pimenta organized friends in Tampa, Florida, in October of 2017 to discuss the formation of a non-profit to help the children like in Cochabamba's prison communities to realize a more promising, healthy and self-sustaining future. The result of these meetings was the formation of Inti-Nest, Inc.

Inti is the name given to The Incan un god who was thought to protect and ensure the welfare of Incan Society. Similarly, Inti-Nest is organized around the idea of promoting the welfare and rights of children, and by fostering a better environment for children to live and learn, Inti-Nest hopes to ensure a better future for society. 

We are a non-profit institution working with a multidisciplinary professional team in the promotion, restoration and defense of human rights for children, teenagers and women. We aim at building a more just society for all individuals based on love and respect. Therefore, our mission is to influence the direction of humanity by bringing positive change to the world through developing and promoting initiatives for nourishing, educating, servicing and training humanity’s future. We plan to accomplish this aim and mission through promoting and developing educational programs and scholarships that allow young people to become self-sustaining, productive and healthy global citizens. 

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